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Official: Iran to sue ATR over breaking deal
Official: Iran to sue ATR over breaking deal
Iran will file a lawsuit against the Franco-Italian turboprop planemaker ATR over breaking its contract with Tehran under US sanctions, a senior Iranian lawmaker said.

"Any company under any circumstance is duty-bound to comply with the terms of its agreement and cannot dodge its commitments by resort to some excuse," Head of the Iranian Parliament's Civil Committee Mohammadreza Rezaei Kouchi said, reported Fars News Agency.

The lawmaker further said this company is obliged to either comply with its remaining commitments, or pay compensations to Iran.

Iran Air, Iran's national flag carrier, signed a contract worth over $400 million with the Franco-Italian aircraft manufacturer in 2017 for the delivery of 20 ATR 72-600s.

The country received the first four ATR aircraft last May, two more in September, and another two in December 2017. Five more planes were delivered in August this year, before Washington imposed new sanctions on Iran, which brought the number of delivery to 13 out of the 20 planes under the contract.

Following the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal and reinstatement of sanctions, ATR announced that it is giving up on the delivery of the seven remaining of the planes to Iran.

Back in July, ATR Chief Executive Christian Scherer said the company would sustain “serious damage” to its finances if its contract with Iran broke under US pressure.



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