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Curator: Inter-museum relations between Lebanon, Iran valuable
Curator: Inter-museum relations between Lebanon, Iran valuable
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Inter-museum relations between Lebanon and Iran is valuable, said the curator of the Beirut-based Museum of Minerals (MIM).

Suzy Hakimian told IRNA in Tehran that given that Lebanese museums have been faced with diverse crises, their managers can share their experiences of how to handle different crises with their Iranian counterparts.

A private institution, Mim Museum displays more than 2,000 minerals, representing 450 different species from 70 countries, and is considered one of the most significant private collections of minerals in the world. It opened in 2013.

She noted that however, the roadmaps drawn for Iranian and Lebanese museums are different as each museum has its own exclusive roadmap.

Hakimian stressed that this was the first time she was visiting Tehran, expressing hope that Iranian and Lebanese museums continue to maintain and strengthen their links.

She noted that there are 45 museums in Lebanon, adding the most important Iranian museum she was interested in visiting was the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran, also locally known as Abgineh Museum of Tehran.

Hakimian was in Tehran to share her experiences with those involved in Iran’s museum industry in a three-day workshop titled ‘Crisis Management in Museums’ held in the Iranian capital from September 11-13.

Including scientific workshops and theoretical training on preserving cultural heritage, the educational event was aimed at at improving Iranian museums’ professional capability for identifying and averting the dangers and, particularly, finding effective solutions in the face of crises, the workshop was held by International Council of Museums (ICOM) and ICOM Iran.



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