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El País: Farhadi’s works attractive
El País: Farhadi’s works attractive
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All works by Iranian film director Asghar Farhadi are attractive and impressive, wrote Spanish-language daily newspaper El País.

It said Farhadi’s flicks are rich in content, describing as unique and recognizable the nature of works by this strong, complicated and true filmmakers.

The report said Farhadi touched the sky with a masterpiece titled ‘A separation’, which, of course, should be seen in Persian to be understood perfectly.

“Farhadi’s talent and unique characteristics were internationally recognized after he won two Oscars.”

These prestigious awards made it easier for him to shoot his films in other countries, it added.

“The story of Farhadi’s last masterpiece ‘Everybody Knows’ takes place in a village in Madrid. Like all his other flicks, this one narrates a heart-rending story which took place a few years ago when he, along with his family members, was on a trip in Spain and his daughter was gripped by fear after seeing the pictures of a child who was missing.”

The probability of someone being able able to display a violent behavior towards a defenseless person inspired Farhadi to make this movie based on a very dark story which starts with a celebration, it added.



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