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Iran non-oil exports hit $19b in past five months
Iran non-oil exports hit $19b in past five months
Iran's non-oil exports of Iran reached $19 billion in the five months from March 21-August 22, announced the governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI).

According to IRNA, Abdolnaser Hemati further said that $3 billion earned from exports of oil, gas and condensates have already entered the economic cycle while the remaining $16 billion will soon be made available.

Referring to the Foreign Exchange Deals Integrated System, locally known by its acronym NIMA, he added, "To date, a total of €2 billion have been supplied in NIMA, of which 80 percent was made available by petrochemical producers."

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to the $13 billion assigned for importing staples, medicine and medical equipment and said that the import of these commodities is ongoing.

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