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Iran: US accusations to justify Basra consulate closure “unwarranted”
Iran: US accusations to justify Basra consulate closure “unwarranted”
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Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi described the accusations and claims made by the US against Tehran to justify the closure of its consulate in Iraq’s city of Basra as “unwarranted” and “unjustified”.

Qassemi said that the Islamic Republic condemns any sort of attack on diplomats and diplomatic missions, saying that Tehran is very suspicious about the US justifications.

The United States announced on Friday it will effectively close its consulate in the Iraqi city of Basra and relocate diplomatic personnel assigned there following what it claims increasing threats from Iran and Iraqi militia, including rocket fire.

Iraq's Foreign Ministry voiced "regret" on Saturday over the US decision.

"The ministry regrets the American decision to pull its staff out of Basra," a statement said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered all but emergency staff to leave Basra, with consular duties to be taken over by the embassy in Baghdad.

He blamed Iraqi militias for "indirect fire" against the US consulate.

The State Department also sent out a renewed advisory urging Americans not to travel to Iraq.

Basra has been at the center of protests that broke out in the southern province in July before spreading to other parts of the country, as demonstrators railed against poor services and condemned corruption among government officials.

Protesters have set fire to several government buildings as well as headquarters of political parties and Iran’s Consulate.


IRNA and Reuters contributed to this story.




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