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Unique kiln, pottery unearthed at Alborz archeological site
Unique kiln, pottery unearthed at Alborz archeological site
A unique kiln and pottery with stamped and rope decorations have been discovered during an archeological operation at Imamzadeh Qassem Mound in Iran’s Alborz Province situated in the northwest of Tehran.

The objects were discovered during operations to determine the limits to propose the precincts of the archeological site, IRNA reported.

The objects could be used to determine the probable history of the site up to the Sassanid Era, Mohammad Eqbal Chehri, head of the excavation operations was quoted as saying on Saturday by the Research Institute of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHHTO).

The pottery dates back to the early Islamic era, said Chehri.

The mound was registered as a national monument in 2011, he added.

Chehri referred to the abundant potteries found in Imamzadeh Qassem Mound describing them as the most significant feature of the site.

The potteries carry designs, including stamped, zigzag, rope, diversified geometric and even bird designs, he noted.

The archeologist said that while it is accurate to attribute the potteries and other objects to the early Islamic era, some coarse pottery with rope design could even be ascribed back to the Sassanid period.

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