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Former Turkish EU Min.: US' sanctions against Iran fail
Former Turkish EU Min.: US' sanctions against Iran fail
Professor Hatice Beril Dedeoğlu, a Turkish academic who served as Turkey's Minister of European Union Affairs in 2015, says the US' unilateral sanctions against Iran would fail as important actors in the global economic arena, including Russia and China, are associated with Iran.

In an article, published in the newspaper Star, Dedeoglu wrote that the purpose of the US' sanctions is to put economic pressure on Iran to bring about social disasters and protests in order to overthrow the Iranian government. But I do not believe such a wish will come true because it is possible to circumvent sanctions in a variety of ways, according to IRNA.

She argued that the US sanctions against the Iranian economy could be violated by smuggling, but today, it does not need to be done because of the presence of powerful nations like China and Russia alongside Iran as the sanctions of Washington are really ineffective and neutral.

Dedeoglu added that Americans have issued sanctions aimed at
the collapse of the Iranian economy, but in return, they have unwittingly helped create or strengthen the economic front of Iran, China, and Russia.

The head of the Faculty of International Affairs at the University of Galatasaray in Istanbul emphasized that the exemption of eight countries from the list of energy sanctions against Iran would be another factor in the failure of the US sanctions because the country would export its energy resources.

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