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Iranian film vies for Moroccan award
Iranian film vies for Moroccan award
Iran feature film 'Amir', by Nima Eqlima, is taking part in the competition section of the 2018 edition of Rabat Auteur International Film Festival in Morocco.

'Amir', a social drama about contemporary Iran, is about a generation whose private lives are determined more by the rules of society than by the people's own will, wrote.

A synopsis of the film reads, "Amir goes to pick his friend Ali from the airport, where he finds out that Ali's ex-wife, Ghazal has taken her son Ardalan with her illegally and most probably will emigrate soon. Despite all his personal problems, Amir takes Ali to his office to help him find his ex-wife and son."

The cast includes Milad Keymaram, Hadi Kazemi, Vahid Manafi, Mona Qasemi and Sahar Dolatshahi.

The Rabat Auteur International Film Festival is dedicated to the cinematic authorship, a true cinema of art and thought in all forms; even those who destroy the clichés.

The festival's 23rd edition began on November 16 and will continue until November 24.


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