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Tehran University to hold int'l art symposium
Tehran University to hold int'l art symposium
University of Tehran is scheduled to hold International Symposium on Conceptions of Time, Space and Movement in Art on January 8-9, 2019.

The venue of the cultural event will be Tehran University's College of Fine Arts.

Themed 'Art and the Fourth Dimension', the symposium's objectives are to elaborate on important issues about different conceptions of time, space and movement in arts as well as point towards other concepts such as reality, force, formation and the obscure dimensions of art, IRNA reported.

The symposium will provide experts a platform to discuss the newly proposed concepts in geometry related to time, space, and movement.

The two-day event will be held in four sessions, each attended by speakers and panel of experts in the field. Architecture and urban design, industrial design, visual arts and performing arts and music will be the main topics of the symposium.

Aficionados can submit their contributions to the event in papers, posters, audio-visual presentations, dynamic models or in any other medium that is relevant to the theme of the symposium.


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