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Iran booth chosen best in Serbian charity exhibit
Iran booth chosen best in Serbian charity exhibit
Visitors of the 17th Christmas Charity Bazaar held in Serbian capital city of Belgrade chose Iran's pavilion as the best.

Iran's pavilion, organized by Iranian Embassy, was selected among the stalls of 40 countries participating in the exhibition due to its beauty and the diversity in the artworks on display, IRNA wrote.

Iranian handicrafts including pictorial carpet, kilim, and Persian Khatam, and foodstuff such as premium saffron, pistachio, dates, and 'gaz' were displayed in the pavilion.

Ambassadors and diplomats from Iran and other countries as well as Serbian officials visited the exhibition.

Christmas Charity Bazaar is a traditional charity event organized by the International Women's Club (IWC) in Belgrade Fair to display handicrafts, foodstuff and artworks of different countries.


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