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Leader: US seeking to create division in Iran
Leader: US seeking to create division in Iran
Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei Wednesday said the US has sought to increase pressure on Iran to create division in the country.

Addressing the families of Iranian martyrs in a meeting in Tehran, Ayatollah Khamenei urged the Iranian people and authorities to remember that the US will never stop plotting against the country, emphasizing that the Israeli regime and reactionary regional states are in cahoots with Washington in its hostile agenda against the Islamic Republic, Press TV reported.

The Leader, however, asserted, “Of course, we are stronger. They have not managed to do anything so far, and will never be able to do a damn thing either.”

Over the past years, the Leader said, the US has consistently sought, but failed, to restore the domination it enjoyed over Iran prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and to bring the country under its tutelage similar to certain weak regional states, which Washington has branded as its “milk cows.”

Over the past two years, the Americans sought to increase pressure on the country through sanctions and measures to disrupt its national security with the aim of creating division and conflict among various groups, he said.

“They were planning to lead some to the streets and had even referred to it as ‘the hot summer.’ To the enemies' dismay, [however], this past summer was one of the best ever,” the Leader noted.

The Leader also dismissed claims by certain US officials that the Islamic Revolution will not get to celebrate its anniversary in 2019, stressing, “The Iranian nation is standing in all strength and will, by divine grace, celebrate the 40th anniversary of the revolution in far greater splendor this year.”

The Leader said by dubbing the US “the Great Satan,” the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, united the world’s monotheists and fair-minded nations against Washington.

“If you want to know America’s true face, look at its current president and statesmen because they have vividly and openly laid bare the ugly and hateful face that is typical of American statesmen,” the Leader said.

The Leader also referred to the ongoing war in Yemen, saying that the US is complicit in the crimes the Saudi regime has been committing in a years-long war against the people of Yemen.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out the Saudi regime’s failures in the war it has been waging against Yemen with Washington’s support.

The Leader said the Saudis have extended a hand of friendship to the enemies of Islam.

“They (the Saudis) thought they would gain control [of Yemen] in a matter of days or weeks. [But] the farther they go, the harder they will fall down and the more stinging will be the blow that they will receive,” the Leader noted.



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