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Gur City, ancient wonder in southern Iran
Gur City, ancient wonder in southern Iran
As Iran’s first circular city, Gur City is considered an ancient wonder.

Gur City is located six kilometers north of Firuzabad city in Fars Province.

The city has been traced to the Achaemenid Dynasty. It has a diameter of two kilometers and is surrounded by a brick wall and a moat 50 meters in width, Historical Iran reported.

Some historians believe the city dates back to Achaemenid Empire and was destroyed by Alexander the Great; after centuries, it was rebuilt by Ardashir I (224-241 CE), according to

About 224 CE, Ardashir I, founder of Sassanid Empire (224-651 CE), revived the destroyed city in a tribute to his victory over the Parthian king, Artabanus.

During the Sassanid rule, Gur had one of the largest libraries of the region containing many rare and priceless books. Its importance grew due to its strategic location on the commercial routes between China and India, which headed toward Rome.

The original Gur City was destroyed when Alexander the Great flooded the city by redirecting the flow of water from a dam into the city.

Gur was surrounded by a main wall of stamped clay, a ditch 35 meters wide, and a fortified wall. The plan of the city is a perfect circle of 1,950 meter diameter, divided into 61 sectors by 20 radial walls and three concentric circles, with the core circle of 450 meters in diameter, where official buildings such as a fire temple were constructed.

Four gates open to city of Gur: to the north lies Hormuz Gate; to the south Ardeshir Gate; eastward faces the gate of Mithra; and Bahram Gate opens to the west.

Today, a famous tower or mill in the circular city is among the only visible and standing remains in the city. The mill stands at the very center of the city. It is a pier of rough stone masonry nine square meters and more than 30 meters high. It was the core of a stair-tower, and is sthought to have had a winding external stairway.


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