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Zarif blasts Netanyahu over 'offensive missiles' rhetoric
Zarif blasts Netanyahu over 'offensive missiles' rhetoric
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday blasted the Israeli prime minister for openly boasting of the regime’s “offensive missiles,” saying Benjamin Netanyahu was in no position to voice “concerns” about Iran’s defensive missile program.

Netanyahu on Monday said that Israel was developing missiles capable of hitting any target in the Middle East. He also said Israel was working on weapons systems with “special capabilities that no other country has,” adding: “This is the offensive power of Israel which is very important for us in all sectors.”

In his tweet, Zarif wrote, “First, Netanyahu stands next to nuclear BOMB factory and threatens Iran with annihilation. Now, he openly boasts about his “OFFENSIVE" missiles that can reach anywhere,” Press TV reported.

Zarif was referring to Netanyahu’s visit in August to Israel’s secretive Dimona nuclear weapons facility, from where he threatened Iran with a nuclear attack.

At the time, Iran urged the United Nations to condemn Israel and bring its atomic weapons program under supervision.

Netanyahu’s latest comments come days after the hawkish premier said Israel was ready to launch attacks inside Iran if its survival was at stake.

Zarif further pointed to the hype created by the Western states over Iran’s recent test of a conventional ballistic missile and said the Israeli premier “whines about Iran’s Deterrent and DEFENSIVE missiles, and the West parrots his ‘concerns.’”

Last week, the UN Security Council met at the request of France and Britain days after Iran tested a missile. At the meeting, Israel’s European allies and the US voiced “concerns” about Iran’s missile program.

The US criticized Iran for the test, saying it was in defiance of UN Resolution 2231, which endorsed a 2015 multilateral deal on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Since its creation in 1948 on occupied Palestinian land, the Israeli regime has waged numerous wars in the Middle East, the latest of which killed around 2,200 Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip in 2014.

Unlike Iran, Israel is not a member of the NPT – whose aim is to prevent the spread of nuclear arms and weapons technology – in defiance of international pressure.

Israel is the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, and is estimated to have up to 400 nuclear warheads in its arsenal.




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