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Armenian interaction with Muslim compatriots indisputable
Armenian interaction with Muslim compatriots indisputable
Chief of Armenian Catholic diocese of Isfahan and South of Iran said that the history of interaction and peaceful coexistence of the Armenians and their Muslim compatriots in Iran dates back to over 400 years ago and this bond is everlasting.

Varouj Minasian told IRNA on Sunday evening on the eve of the New Year, "The Iranian government and authorities have paid more attention to the Armenian Christian community after the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran than they received prior to this."

Referring to negative propaganda by anti-Iran affiliated networks, he said, "The Armenian community of Iran freely participate in their religious ceremonies and even the Iranian Christians have more freedom to hold rituals and celebrations than their Muslim compatriots."

Minasian said, "Foreign radio and television networks aiming to pressure the Islamic Republic are trying to convince their audience that the rights of religious minorities, including Christians in Iran, are not respected."


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