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Enough of the climate blame game
Enough of the climate blame game
By Alex Lavelle*

Summertime, and the living seems easy. But the fish aren’t jumping in the Darling River basin and the cotton is not as high as it would normally be in central-northern New South Wales (NSW) and southern Queensland as horrendous drought conditions grip much of eastern Australia.

How bad is it? Eighty percent of NSW is officially in drought. Concerns about severity have moved well beyond the obvious and substantial impact on grazing and cropping industries. The big worry now is the critical impact on water reserves, riverine habitats and sub-soil moisture content, wrote.

The Bureau of Meteorology says nine of the 10 warmest years have occurred since 2005.

Drinking water is being trucked into Walgett because there is almost no flow in the nearby Barwon and Namoi. South-east of Broken Hill, the Menindee Lakes, an extraordinary chain of freshwater lakes fed by the Darling, contain just three percent of their capacity — and will probably fall dry this week as temperatures soar above 40°C. Near Weir 32, a crucial water-holding and measuring station near the town of Menindee, many thousands of fish perished in recent weeks after extreme temperature changes and toxic algae blooms depleted alr