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New York Times: Iran is Middle East tourism jewel
New York Times: Iran is Middle East tourism jewel
The New York Times published 52 destinations for 2019 in its yearly custom of introducing tourism sites in which Iran is mentioned as Middle East jewel.

Though tensions between Iran and the United States have escalated since President Donald Trump took office, the appeal of Iran for adventurous travelers is obvious: The monumental ruins of ancient Persia, the spectacular, centuries-old mosques of Shiraz and Isfahan, the Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace in the bustling metropolis of Tehran.

One additional reason to visit in 2019 is a major exhibition scheduled to open at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, a popular hangout for young Iranians. ‘Portrait, Still-life, Landscape’ (February 21 to April 20) will take over the entire museum, with a selection of about 500 works, including pieces by Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko and Marcel Duchamp, as well as about 40 Picassos recently discovered in the museum’s storage facilities.

The United States State Department discourages, but does not prohibit, travel to Iran by American citizens, and Americans can travel to Iran only as part of an organized tour.

Puerto Rico, Hampi in India, Santa Barbara in California, Panama in the US and Munich in Germany are the first top five tourism destinations in the list.



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