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Syrian minister: Rail link to Iran, Iraq, Damascus' priority
Syrian minister: Rail link to Iran, Iraq, Damascus' priority
Connecting Syria's railroad to those of Iran and Iraq are among Damascus' priorities as part of the country's strategic framework to forge ties with neighboring states, said the Syrian transport minister.

Ali Hammoud added to this end, a 32-kilometer railroad is required to be built by Iraq to connect Shalamcheh in western Iran to Basra's railway in southwestern Iraq and thence, to Kerbala (central Iraq) and northern Iraq.

He noted that once the construction of the railroad is completed, Iraqis will be able to travel to different parts of Iran and Syria and exchange goods with Syrian cities, including the port of Latakia.

The Syrian minister added following its completion, the railway network will be linked to those of Central Asia as well as China and Russia.

He said this railway will be part of the Silk Road, adding attempts are underway by Syria to prepare the ground for the road to pass through its territory.

Iranian officials have, so far, repeatedly called for the speedy construction of the Shalamcheh-Basra railroad, which, upon completion, will help facilitate transportation of goods and passengers between Iran and Iraq.

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