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Project manager: Gas injection into refinery of SP Phase 13 begins
Project manager: Gas injection into refinery of SP Phase 13 begins
Gas injection has begun into the onshore refinery of Phase 13 of giant South Pars (SP) Gas field in the southern Iranian province of Bushehr, said the manager of the phase's development project.

Payam Motamed noted that the injected gas is extracted from the phase's reservoir, adding the process began 10 days following the commissioning of the phase's first platform — named B13, Shana reported.

He said that after conducting the final operations to commission the platform's offshore pipeline, sour gas extracted from the phase was sent to the onshore facilities of the same phase.

Motamed noted that the gas was transferred to the phase's onshore refinery via a 90-kilometer pipeline in two hours.

He said the sour gas was injected into the fourth gas sweetening train of the phase's refinery and, then, pumped into the national network.

Motamed added as per the plans, 28 million cubic meters of rich gas are expected to be extracted from the SP gas field — shared by Iran and Qatar — by February 19.

He said the sulfur granulation unit of the refinery of SP phase 13 have also become operational to help achieve environmental targets and begin sulfur exports.

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