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Venezuela accuses US of ordering coup
Venezuela accuses US of ordering coup
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday accused the United States of ordering a coup against his government and called for a "total revision" of ties with the US.

Maduro was specifically reacting to comments by US Vice President Mike Pence, who posted a video on Twitter urging “the good people of Venezuela” to make their voices heard during an opposition planned rally.  

Maduro responded during a radio and TV broadcast that "what the government of the United States did through Vice President Mike Pence, was to give orders to carry out a coup from the fascist state... which is unparalleled in the history of relations between the United States and Venezuela in 200 years", AFP reported

He ordered Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza to begin "a total revision of relations" with Washington, which has already sanctioned top Venezuelan politicians

The Venezuelan government's warnings intensified the day after a group of soldiers spoke out against Maduro at a command post in the north of Caracas. They published a video on social media calling for the public to come out and support them.

But they surrendered after police and military units surrounded the post, and the 27 soldiers were arrested.

The Organization of American States, which has declared Maduro's new term illegitimate, plans to hold an extraordinary session on Thursday to discuss "recent events in Venezuela."

"Yankee go home! We won't let them interfere in the affairs of the homeland," Maduro's Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said in televised remarks, while Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez accused Pence of having ordered "terrorists" to carry out acts of violence during the planned protest.

Demonstrators are set to mobilize behind the National Assembly's new president Juan Guaido, who wants to establish a transitional government leading to elections.

Maduro's administration stripped the assembly of its power but Guaido has risen to the challenge of taking him on.



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