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Iran unveils drones, missiles
Iran unveils drones, missiles
Iran’s Armed Forces on Wednesday unveiled military hardware, including drones and missiles, during an exhibition ahead of the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The exhibition of defense achievements, dubbed as Eqtedar 40 Exhibition, was inaugurated in a ceremony attended by Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Grounds, Fars News Agency reported.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Baqeri said more than 500 products in 11 military fields have been showcased at the expo.

He added that various types of domestically made missiles with various ranges are also on display, Tasnim News Agency reported.  

The drones unveiled included the country’s newest one, Kaman-12. The aircraft can fly at 200 kilometers per hour for 10 straight hours, Press TV reported.

It can use an airstrip as short as 400 meters and covers a 1,000-kilometer combat radius.

The UAV weighs 450 kilograms and can carry a payload as heavy as 100 kilograms.


Shahed-129 drone


Among the other drones were a renovated Shahed-129, which is capable of carrying out surveillance, reconnaissance, and combat operations using bombs and missiles.

It can carry four Sadid smart bombs and can be guided using optical, laser, or infrared equipment.

The UAV is capable of flying as far as 2,000 kilometers for 24 hours, refueling only once.


Sa’eqeh-2 drone


The Sa’eqeh-2 drone, which was also put on display, can carry four guided bombs.

The Wednesday event also featured Iranian RQ-170 and Mohajer-6 drones. The latter can be fitted with Qa’em missiles.


Akhgar missile


The Akhgar missile, which was featured at the expo, is the latest projectile manufactured for deployment on Iranian drones.

The 1.7-meter-long, television-guided missile has a range of 30 kilometers and can fly at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour.


Qassed-3 missile


Qassed-3, which had so far only been showcased during military parades, was put on display at the event.

It can be deployed on fighter jets. It is 5.15 meters in length, can carry a 453-kilogram warhead, and has a range of 100 kilometers.

It has a micro jet engine, which enables it to be fired at a speed of 600 kilometers per hour toward targets, and is guided using a seeker head.


Shahin missile


Shahin is an anti-missile projectile, which can be fitted onto fighter jets. It was showcased at the exhibition for the first time.


Anti-armor missiles


Two homegrown anti-armor missiles – Toofan-3M and Toofan-7 — also were put on display at the exhibition.

Both missiles are top attack projectiles, which strike armored vehicles from above. They detect the target with electromagnetic and laser sensors from above and detonate their warhead at the top of the target, Tasnim News Agency reported.

Toofan-3M, is a new generation of Toofan-3 missiles, while Toofan-7 is considered the newest homegrown anti-armor missile.


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