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Leader: Iran's talks with US can only bring loss
Leader: Iran's talks with US can only bring loss
Iran can only lose by negotiating with the United States and must be careful to limit any dealings with some “untrustworthy” European states, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday.

“With regard to America, no problem can be resolved and negotiations with it have nothing but economic and spiritual loss,” Ayatollah Khamenei wrote in a detailed statement issued on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

“Today, the Iranian people see some European countries as cunning and untrustworthy along with the criminal America. The government of the Islamic Republic must carefully preserve its boundaries with them.”

Tensions ramped up between the United States and Iran after US President Donald Trump withdrew from a multilateral nuclear deal last May and reimposed sanctions. In the time since, the United Nations says Iran has kept up its side of the bargain.

Iran is now working with the remaining signatories, particularly the European powers – France, Germany and Britain – to salvage the deal.

France, Germany and Britain opened a new channel for non-dollar trade with Iran last month to avert US sanctions but top Iranian officials have said that Europe has not done enough to keep the deal intact.

The Leader pointed to sanctions as a big external challenge for the country and added “weakness in management” was one of the biggest internal challenges.

He said challenges can be overcome by depending on domestic capabilities, adding that yielding to enemies’ pressure is an "unforgiveable mistake”.

He also said negotiations would be like "going on your knees before the enemy and kissing the claws of the wolf."


No step back

Ayatollah Khamenei said the Islamic Revolution guaranteed Iran’s security, stability, and territorial integrity, and stressed that Iran must not back down from its national and revolutionary values.

"Among all the nations suffering from oppression, few make an effort to launch a revolution; and among those nations that have risen and launched a revolution, few have been witnessed to have pursued it to the end, or moved beyond merely changing the government and safeguarded their revolutionary values," read the statement.

"However, the auspicious Revolution of the Iranian nation—which is the greatest and most popular revolution of the contemporary era—is the sole revolution that has persisted forty years of pride, saved from betrayal to its values, and it has preserved its dignity and original slogans against all the temptations which seemed irresistible; hence, entering the second phase of self-development, society-processing and civilization-building," the Leader added.

"The day when the world was divided into the material West and East, and no one presumed a major religious movement would emerge, the Islamic Revolution of Iran stepped into the scene gloriously and mightily; it broke the frameworks; it flaunted to the world the outdatedness of the clichés; it put the religion and the material world together, and declared the coming of a new era," Ayatollah Khamenei continued.

"Today, after forty annual celebrations of the victory of the Revolution and forty Fajr ten-days, one of the two centers of animosity has already perished, and the second one is struggling with predicaments that signal its death in the near future. Whereas, the Islamic Revolution is advancing while preserving and adhering to its mottos."

The Leader noted that the Revolution's mottos of freedom, ethics, spirituality, justice, independence, dignity, rationality and brotherhood had no expiry date and "are not limited to a single generation or society so that they would rise in a period and decline in the next."

"It is impossible to imagine a people who despise these values," he asserted.

"Since its inception, this Revolution has never been merciless nor has it ever shed blood; it has neither been passive nor hesitant. Standing assertively and courageously against bullies and thugs, it has defended the oppressed," Ayatollah Khamenei said.


Message to young people

The Leader said the responsibility for building a "great Islamic Iran" lies with the youths, who have to take it upon themselves and pull the country forward using their own experiences or while keeping an eye on the experiences of the past.

"The decades ahead are your decades, and it is you who should protect your revolution while you are qualified and full of motivation, and move it closer to its great ideal: that is, the emergence of a new Islamic civilization," he wrote.

"To take steady steps in the future, we need to develop a good knowledge of the past and learn from the experiences. If this strategy is neglected, lies will replace the truth, and the future will be menaced by unknown threats," the Leader said. "The adversaries of the revolution are strongly motivated in their efforts to spread distortions and lies about the past and even the present, exploiting money and all the necessary tools for it."

Reuters, AP and Press TV contributed to this story.



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