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Chinese press delegation visits ICPI
Chinese press delegation visits ICPI
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A press delegation from Global Times, an English-language Chinese newspaper under the People's Daily, headed by the paper’s editor-in-chief visited Iran Cultural and Press Institute (ICPI) on Wednesday.

The delegation also comprised a number of the Chinese newspaper’s staff, including two of its editors.

During the visit, the members of the delegation met and held talks on a number of issues with ICPI’s CEO Mehdi Shafiei.

Speaking at the meeting, Hu Xijin, Global Times editor-in-chief, acknowledged that the number of newspapers in China is declining on a yearly basis due to the increasing popularity of the online media.

He noted that most of the newspapers in China have become loss-making, adding each year, a number of them are shut down.

The circulation of those that are still operating in the country has fallen significantly, Hu regretted.

Hu said, in addition to the newspaper it publishes, Global Times has an online website which has helped the whole complex continue to be profit-making.

Speaking in the same meeting, Shafiei said like China, the major part of Iran’s population are from the middle class who are educated and have access to Internet and cyberspace.

“This has led to the unfolding of new events in the fields of economy and media and provided a new capacity in the country. Thus, most of the Iranian media seek to make maximum use of the capacity provided by the cyberspace.”

Iran newspaper has a large audience, he noted, adding the newspaper’s Twitter page is followed by over 70,000 people.

He said the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) has also made a very significant progress in cyberspace and online sector.

Shafiei said however, newspapers in Iran still have their influence on people in political and social fields.


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