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Three Iranian forces killed in Sistan-Baluchestan floods
Three Iranian forces killed in Sistan-Baluchestan floods
While experiencing devastating drought in recent years, Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan Province was hit by severe floods on Saturday which claimed the lives of three Iranian security forces.

Heavy rains and flash floods hit the city of Mirjaveh in the southeastern province, IRNA reported.

Iranian border guards were killed after they got trapped in floodwaters while performing patrol duty.

The deputy governor of the province, Mohammad Hadi Marashi, said that the first soldier found himself trapped in flash waters while on duty.

“Another soldier who witnessed the incident entered the water to save the first one, but could not make it himself either,” he said. “Unfortunately, the same thing happened for a third soldier, who also became a martyr.”

The body of two soldiers have been found while efforts are underway to find the third one.



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