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Your diet can have huge impact on your blood pressure
Your diet can have huge impact on your blood pressure
High blood pressure, or hypertension, if left undetected or uncontrolled, can lead to serious health problems, including heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, vision loss, etc. There may be no single cause for high BP in most cases, perhaps, no one really knows exactly what causes this condition.

However, certain factors, including lifestyle, can increase the risk for high blood pressure. For instance, eating a diet high in fats and salt can lead to hypertension. But certain foods have been found to have blood pressure-lowering effects and one such being onions, reported.

So your diet can have a huge impact on blood pressure. In fact, if you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you need to reduce or limit your salt intake and eat a low-fat, balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. For people with high blood pressure, the recommended amount of salt intake is 1500 milligrams (1.5 gram) per day.

While all vegetables are good for health, there are certain foods that have unique medicinal properties.

Onions are low in calories but packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The humble vegetable is rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin C that offer many benefits such as protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, etc.

The antioxidants and compounds in onions can help fight inflammation, lower triglycerides and reduce cholesterol levels — all of which may be beneficial for your cardiovascular health.

One study, which looked at 70 overweight people with high blood pressure, reported that a dose of 162mg per day of quercetin-rich onion extract significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by 3-6mmHg compared to a placebo.

Additionally, onions are a healthy choice for people with type 2 diabetes as the vegetable can help control high blood sugar. Eating foods, such as garlic and onions, has also been linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers — such as stomach and colorectal cancer.

Onions are a staple in the kitchen and can be easily added to savory dishes. They can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. Including more of this ingredient in your diet could be an excellent way to improve blood pressure control and overall health.

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