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Indian journalist hails Imam Ali as first Muslim in world
Indian journalist hails Imam Ali as first Muslim in world
A prominent Indian Urdu journalist believes that Hazrat Ali was the first man in the world to accept Islam and so, he is the first Muslim in the world.

In an exclusive email interview with IRNA on the life of Hazrat Ali and celebrations in India on the occasion of his birthday, Parveen Arshi, editor of the Urdu daily Shagufta Times, said: Hazrat “Ali” was the fourth caliph (successor of Muhammad) from 656 to 661. He was born on 15th September 601 in holy Kabba. The date corresponds to 13 Rajab in Islamic calendar. Rajab is the seventh month of the Islamic calendar. Ali was born inside the holy Kabba as a child to Abu Talib and Fatimah Bint Asad.”
“After Ali’s birth, no one entered the Kabba neither could open the gate for three days and the mother and child both stayed inside. After three days, the first man to enter Kabba and pick Ali in his lap was none other than Prophet Muhammad. The first man, to whom Ali looked after opening his eyes for the first time after birth, was Prophet Muhammad. Since the age of five years, Ali had been living with Prophet Muhammad and his wife Khadija. When Ali was around nine years old, Muhammad declared himself as the Prophet of Islam and Ali was the first man to accept Islam after Muhammad’s wife Khadija. Ali was, also, the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad.” She added.
Elaborating on the celebrations in India to observe the birthday of Hazrat Ali, the former anchor and reporter of the Urdu TV news channel Munsif, said: “Hazrat Ali’s birthday this year will be celebrated on March 21st, 2019. The birthday of Hazrat Ali gets more significant for Muslims, given the fact that he was born in the holy Kaba in the city of Mecca, IRNA reported.
Hazrat Ali’s birthday holds much significance for the Muslims. Moreover, his teachings and his obedience to Allah and and his Islamic way of living is an inspiration for Muslims throughout the world. Throughout of his life, Hazrat Ali had been a true follower of Islam and a companion of Prophet Muhammad. His birthday signifies the essence of Islamic teachings and teaches Muslims to stay on the path of Islam and honesty.”
“Birthday of Hazrat Ali is grandly celebrated all over India, particularly in states such as Jammu & Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, where the Muslim population is sizable. Hazrat Ali is considered by Muslims as the true heir apparent because of the knowledge he possessed. Muslims believe that he was a great philosopher and a pure Muslim, given to the way he lived his life. His birthday is celebrated by both the Shia and Sunni communities. Houses, Islamic centers and mosques are decorated with lights and flowers on his birthday. Hazarat Ali is recognized for his courage, great works and devotion to Islam. On the occasion, devotees go to the mosques to offer prayers and greet each other. 
The Muslim community comes together to give love and care among each other. Mosques are decorated for a huge festival and feast and Qawwalis (devotional music) are held that praise Hazarat Ali. Government offices and businesses establishments are open since it is a restricted holiday,” said the winner of a number of awards for her outstanding journalistic works.
“The shrine of Hazrat Ali in Afghanistan known as Mazar-i-Sharif is especially cleaned and decorated to mark his birthday. Prayers are organized and Sufi saints receipt the teachings of Ali. Qawalis could be heard in mosques and Muslim houses in celebration to the birthday of Hazrat Ali. Though, some sections of Muslim community believe that Hazrat Ali was buried in Imam Ali Mosque, Najaf, Iraq.”


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