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Bangladesh vows to expand ties with Iran
Bangladesh vows to expand ties with Iran
Bangladeshi Ambassador to Tehran Mojir Abdulrahman said on Saturday that his country is in dire need of energy and various commodities and that is why it intends to broaden cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We are to pave the ground for the active presence of Bangladeshi businessmen in Iran, Abdulrahman underlined, IRNA reported.

The Bangladeshi ambassador said the above in a meeting with members of Zanjan Chamber of Commerce.

Iran and Bangladesh need each other at this juncture to broaden economic cooperation, he added.

Zanjan Province could be regarded as a hub for investment in the textile industry, Abdulrahman said.

In the meeting, the head of the Zanjan Chamber of Commerce, Gholamhossein Jamili, said the province has huge mineral resources including ferrous- and non-ferrous mines.


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