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Doctors: Spring cleaning good for your mental health
Doctors: Spring cleaning good for your mental health
Spring cleaning isn’t just good for your home, it can actually lift your mood too.

Doctors say the brain likes when we complete a task. It makes us feel good and reduces tension.

However, when we procrastinate about spring cleaning, it can cause stress, wrote.

And if we make a habit out of procrastinating, doctors maintain it can escalate to what experts call ‘problematic avoidance.’

Problematic avoidance happens when people have so much anxiety about certain responsibilities, that they repeatedly avoid or back-out of them.

To avoid becoming a procrastinator, you have to accept some discomfort and find a way to get started on a project and just plow through it.

Starting, of course, is the hardest part, but, doctors maintain that once we can get past the starting point, it becomes easier to get the task done.

And for those who are dreading spring cleaning, they recommend breaking up the work into smaller tasks and reminding yourself that you don’t have to accomplish the whole house all at once.

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