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Baeidinejad: Iraqi sources say US set to extend Iraq waiver to continue Iran trade
Baeidinejad: Iraqi sources say US set to extend Iraq waiver to continue Iran trade
Iran’s Ambassador to London Hamid Baeidinejad said that some of Iraq’s political sources have said US will extend Iraq’s waiver to continue its trade with Iran.

“According to some Iraq’s political sources, the US has informed the Iraqi government that Washington will extend Iraq’s waiver to continue dealing with Iran economically if Iraq signs a deal with ExxonMobil before June 14,” Baeidinejad tweeted on Sunday, ISNA reported.

Iraq has received repeated extensions to a US waiver to continue importing Iranian gas since US President Donald Trump restored sanctions on Iran’s vital energy sector in November.

Iraq’s Electricity Ministry has recently said that the Arab country has no alternative to importing Iranian gas, noting that halting imports would cost Iraq’s power grid 4,000 megawatts per day.

The ministry also said gas imports to Iraq from Iran will increase to 35 million cubic meters per day in June from 28 million cubic meters.

Iraq relies heavily on Iranian gas imports to feed its power grid. Iraq’s generates 14,000 megawatts on the national grid, with an additional 4,000 megawatts generated by imported gas and power.

Iraqi deputy minister of construction and housing on Sunday urged the international community to stand against US unlawful sanctions against Iran.

Speaking in an interview with IRNA, Estabraq Ibraheem Alshok said the US sanctions reimposed against Iran have no legal or international justification, adding that the sanctions will have dangerous consequences for the world.






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