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Parliament gives citizenship right to children born to Iranian mothers
Parliament gives citizenship right to children born to Iranian mothers
Iran’s Parliament overwhelmingly passed a bill on Sunday to grant citizenship right to children born to an Iranian mother and foreign father.

188 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, 20 against and three abstaining, IRNA reported.

The law, which is considered a major breakthrough, would give tens of thousands of children access to social and health care services.

As per the new law, thousands of children born to Iranian mothers abroad and inside the country will enjoy the right of a citizen enshrined in the Civil Rights Law of Iran.

The become a law, the bill still needs to be ratified by the Guardian Council, which controls its contents in terms of compatibility with the country’s Constitution and the rules of Sharia.

Currently, a child in Iran acquires nationality of the country through his or her father.

Iran’s vice president for women’s and family affairs said the current legislation, dating back to 1934, was written at a time “when women were considered chattel.”

“Today, when women have gained dignity, respect and a high level of education and status in the country, on the basis of what logic are we depriving a woman of the right to transfer the citizenship that’s in her blood on to her child?” Masoumeh Ebtekar said.

Human Rights Watch on Sunday welcomed the new bill passed by the Iranian Parliament.

“Huge and welcome news to see #Iran finally allowing women to pass citizenship to their children – after years of campaigning by activists,” Executive Director of Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch Sarah Leah Whitson wrote on her official Twitter account.




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