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East Paris Philharmonic Orchestra to perform Iranian pieces
East Paris Philharmonic Orchestra to perform Iranian pieces
The East Paris Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Iranian conductor Arash Fouladvand, will perform compositions of the celebrated Iranian musician and composer Keivan Saket in Paris and London.

Besides performing 10 pieces from Saket, the concerts titled, ‘Red Tulips 2: Voice of Peace,’ will include three pieces composed by Fouladvand, Mehr News Agency reported.

Saket, a tar and setar (traditional Iranian instruments) virtuoso, will perform at the concerts as a soloist as well.

The Bahar Choir Group, the largest Iranian choir outside Iran, will accompany the orchestra, which comprises 80 instrumentalists.

The choir is composed of 70 male and female singers, graduates of the International Conservatory of Music or other notable music schools in France.

The concerts are scheduled for May 31 and June 1 in Paris, and June 9 in London.



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