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MP: Saudi Arabia seeking to create Iran-US tension
MP: Saudi Arabia seeking to create Iran-US tension
By Sadeq Dehqan & Farzam Vanaki

Saudi Arabia seeks to create tension between Iran and the US by organizing conspiracies such as the explosions in oil tankers near Fujairah port in the UAE and the rocket that was fired into Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, said an Iranian MP.

On May 12, four vessels, including two oil tankers belonging to Saudi Arabia, were subjected to "sabotage attacks" off the coast of Fujairah. A few days later on May 19, a rocket hit the Green Zone in Baghdad which is home to Iraqi government offices and those of other foreign governments.  

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi rulers are in such a dire situation that see no other alternative but to conspire against Iran and keep the US and other world powers busy with such issues to save themselves, Hassan Norouzi, the spokesman of the Iranian Parliament’s Judicial and Legal Committee, told Iran Daily.

“Today, the whole world knows that the Saudi regime supports and sponsors terrorism. It was Saudi Arabia that created Taliban, trained Mullah Omar – the late Taliban leader and cofounder – and nurtured Daesh. It is, at present, committing numerous crimes in the region by supporting different [terrorist] groups in regional countries.”

To secure their position and prevent a regime collapse in the country, Saudi leaders are forced to grant concessions and pay dearly to the incumbent US administration, he said.

Saud Arabia’s ruling regime is like a milk cow that hires others by spending heavily and compels them into pretending that Iran has played a role in recent explosions and attacks in the region.

Commenting on US increased military presence in the Persian Gulf, Norouzi noted that during the past four decades and under different pretexts, Washington has always attempted to expand its presence in the region and carry out maneuvers against Iran.

Americans have even taken numerous military actions against Iran over the past four decades, such as their failed military operation in the central Tabas Desert – launched in an attempt to release US embassy staff held in Tehran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution – and supporting Iraq's former dictator, Saddam Hussein, when his Ba'ath regime invaded Iran.

“Americans cherish a dream of witnessing Iran suffering from the same fate that has befallen a number of regional states currently struggling with civil wars and conflicts, so that they can achieve their goals through interfering in the country’s internal affairs.”

By placing Iran under pressure and organizing different conspiracies against the country, the US has targeted the Islamic Revolution, he said, stressing, “However, our people resist and know the enemies and their goals well.”

Iranians will not surrender to US conspiracies and will stand against hostile policies pursued by President Donald Trump’s administration by fostering solidarity among themselves and maintaining their unity despite all the minor differences that exist in the country and the shortages they are facing, the lawmaker assured.

Shifting to US willingness to enter negotiations with Iran, he said all these threats and requests for talks by the US are eventually aimed at weakening the Islamic Revolution.


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