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Ex-Iraqi PM supports Iran regional cooperation proposal
Ex-Iraqi PM supports Iran regional cooperation proposal
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Iraq’s former prime minister on Tuesday voiced support for a proposal by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to hold regional dialogue and expand cooperation with the aim of easing tensions.

The weakening of Iran will lead to the weakening of the entire region and the world, Ayad Allawi, who is the leader of the Al-Wataniya faction in the Iraqi parliament, told IRNA, slamming the US for adopting hostile policies toward the Islamic Republic.

He added, “I have told this to Americans as well.”

Allawi said Iran’s call for holding dialogue among regional countries with the aim of reducing tensions is an issue which he supports.

Commenting on the establishment of peace in the region, he stressed, “In talks with our Iranian, Arab and Turkish brothers and those from other Muslim countries, we always emphasize that regional states should, themselves, make effort to secure peace in the region. Regional countries are required to shoulder the responsibility of defending themselves and refrain from relying on other states to that end.”




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