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Iranian researchers make wound-healing gel from crustaceans
Iranian researchers make wound-healing gel from crustaceans
An Iranian knowledge-based firm has produced a wound healing gel, the main ingredient of which is taken from crustaceans.

The Isfahan-based company, Mirmah, has developed the gel using nanotechnology and has reinforced it with substances taken from aquatic creatures, Mehr New Agency wrote.

The medical product, currently available in the domestic market, is able to repair open wounds, scars and pressure ulcer or bed sores, diabetic ulcer, herpes simplex, severe burns and infectious acnes more quickly than similar products.

Iran has been cutting reliance on medical imports by developing its own pharmaceutical industry.

According to officials, the country produces more than 96 percent of its medical needs.

The move toward self-sufficiency has been intensified, especially after the US pulled out of the nuclear deal signed between Iran world powers and reimposed unilateral sanctions on the country, scaring off many European companies from doing business with Iran.

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