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Iran to mark export goods with new quality sign
Iran to mark export goods with new quality sign
Iran's national standardization organization (ISIRI) is planning to mark all export goods with a new quality sign to help improve processing in customs offices and to ensure that high standards are observed in production of the export items.

ISIRI Chairwoman Nayyereh Pirouzbakht said that the new sign will be marked on all export items as demanded by Iran’s new regulations on exports, reported Press TV.

Pirouzbakht said the quality sign will be given to products that observe certain international, regional and national standards, rules exclusively set by the ISIRI or similar standards defined in the country where the Iranian products are exported to.

She said the sign is meant to accelerate the customs clearance process for Iranian export goods and reduce the time some goods are stranded at the customs offices.

The official said the sign will look like Iran’s traditional standardization mark, which is an enlarged English letter S, while the word COC, an acronym standing for Certification Number, Conformity With, Only For Export, will be included in the sign to distinguish the export goods from those produced for the Iranian market.

Pirouzbakht said Iran’s ministries of economy and trade have already approved the sign.

Iran is seeking to significantly increase the volume of its non-oil export as the government has seen its oil revenues decreased as a result of sanctions imposed by the US.

Authorities said last month that they were expecting exports to 15 neighboring and nearby countries to hit a target of $32 billion until March, when the Iranian calendar year ends.

Iran is also planning to launch a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), a major regional organization led by Russia to further increase revenues from non-oil exports.

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