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Afghan presidential elections campaign kicks off
Afghan presidential elections campaign kicks off
Afghanistan is getting ready to hold the fourth presidential elections since the ouster of the Taliban back in 2001.

Afghan presidential election campaign kicked off on Sunday, July 28. Eighteen candidates including President Ashraf Ghani as well as the country’s chief executive officer Abdullah Abdullah have started their campaigns to compete for the post. Unlike previous elections, the face of cities particularly Kabul does not show wide-range election advertisements, presstv Reported.

As president Ashraf Ghani is currently in power, some other candidates had already expressed their concern over the possible misuse of governmental resources during Ghani’s electoral campaign. This comes as Ghani’s election team says they will compete only under the rules of electoral campaigns. 

Apart from presidential elections campaigns, people’s stance regarding the upcoming race is also important. 

Let’s not forget that the Afghan government needs to tackle some big challenges to hold the elections in September. The Taliban’s vow to disrupt the elections and the increase of financial support by international community for elections are some of these challenges. 

In such circumstances, Kabul says, nothing will stop the process. If this happens, Afghanistan will move towards democracy. 



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