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MP: Europeans’ collaboration with US to their detriment
MP: Europeans’ collaboration with US to their detriment
By Sadeq Dehqan

Iranian lawmaker Yunaten Bet Kelia is convinced that the disadvantages of the European countries’ collaboration with the United States regarding Washington’s anti-Tehran sanctions will outweigh its advantages.

Speaking to Iran Daily, The representative of the Assyrian and Chaldean communities in the Iranian Parliament said, “Iran could purchase its required goods from non-European countries, but the European’s benefit lies in ties with Iran.

“Iran possesses rich resources of fuel and energy, which could provide the Europeans with high-quality and cheap energy.

There is also a market of 90 million Iranians for the European nations to offer their merchandises,” he said.

Referring to the meeting of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on July 10 to negotiate Iran’s reduction of its commitments to Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Bet Kelia said, “The recent emergency meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog was held at Washington’s request which produced no result for the US.”

“The US president’s unstable policies are no secret to anyone as he has failed to accomplish all of his promises in negotiations with other countries, namely Russia, China and North Korea.

“That is all because he is more of a businessman rather than a politician.

“Today, the entire world approves Iran’s credibility and opposes the US policies against our country.”

Pointing out to the Europeans’ behavior toward Iran, Bet Kelia said, “On the one hand, Europeans claim to be preserving the nuclear deal while they are practically acting otherwise, as Iran is singlehandedly complying with the JCPOA.

“On the other hand, the European nations persist to keep economic relations with the US, and, hence they have failed to commit to the deal.”

“Now it’s time for the Europeans” to prove that they are “an independent power” on the global stage, the MP said.

“The US sanctions were destined to fail since day one as the US government has constantly failed to succeed in its policies toward Iran.

“Should the Europeans get united against the US selfish and irrational strategies, the Americans will have no choice but to offer a hand of friendship to other nations.

“The sole outcome of the sanctions against Iran has been nothing but more unity among the Iranians of all political parties, races and religions including Muslims, Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians,” the Christian MP concluded.



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