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Volunteers collect 255 sacks of trash during coastal cleanup in Philippines
Volunteers collect 255 sacks of trash during coastal cleanup in Philippines
Volunteers from the Cavitex Infrastructure Corp. (CIC) collected some 255 sacks of trash and debris, weighing some 1,275 kilograms, during a coastal clean-up at the Cavitex Mangrove Park in Parañaque City, Philippines, on Saturday.

The Cavitex Mangrove Area, a catch basin for garbage washed up on the shores of Manila Bay, was cleared of hazardous wastes coming from medical and clinical sectors, households and construction sites, which not just pollute the waterways but also endanger, as well, the local marine life, reported.

The activity, done in partnership with Phil Reclamation Authority (PRA) and the Philippine Air Force (PAF), engaged some 65 volunteers from PAF, Volunteer Employees of South Tollways (VEST) and Cavitex Advocates for the Restoration (CARE), who took turns in clearing the two-kilometer stretch of the park.

Jeff Carabeo, supervisor of Cavitex Community Relations said the activity is the company's corporate social responsibility (CSR).

"This supports our commitment of being an environmentally conscious and responsible corporation," he said.

Done on a quarterly basis, the coastal cleanup activity "supports our continuous efforts to raise awareness and establish a holistic program for pollution control and habitat protection through the spirit of volunteerism," Carabeo added.

From beginning as a mere activity for Cavitex employees in 2014, the initiative inspired the creation of LEAF (Living in Environment of Aqua-Flora and Fauna) Program, which continues to move and engage communities for the implementation of its long-term and need basis environmental CSR projects.

Other than the coastal clean-up activity, Cavitex is also a zero-waste company as it operates its own materials recovery facility (MRF) — a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials —  with a capacity to process 100 kgs of trash daily.

It also promotes mangrove tree growing and maintains a mangrove nursery where seedlings are donated to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other environmentally conscious and responsible organizations.

The activity was also in preparation for the International Coastal Clean-up on September 21.

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