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Iran, Germany sign contract on flight check plane
Iran, Germany sign contract on flight check plane
Managing Director of Iran Airports Company Siavash Amir-Mokri said on Saturday that his country will buy its second flight check plane according to a $9.9 million worth of contract signed with Germany.

He added the purchase includes the plane, a flight information service (FIS) device which is installed on the plane and provides information related to the safe and efficient conduct of flights, as well as some spare parts, reported Fars News Agency.

Due to the US sanctions, the German company cannot directly deliver the plane to Iran, he said, adding “the company has said we could place an order with any other company that would be willing to sell the plane to us, and then the German company would take the plane from that seller and deliver it back to us after installing the FIS on it.”

“Right now, we are in talks with a third company for selling us the plane, and we have reached some results,” he added.

In December 2018, Head of the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran (CAOI) Ali Abedzadeh said that the number of Iranian technology-based companies entering the air industry has increased in the past couple of years, adding that the development will help the country to counter the effects of the US unilateral sanctions on Iran’s air industry.

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