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Merkel standing up against far right
Merkel standing up against far right
By Hossein Ziaee*

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s long and very important speech on the anniversary of German reunification against the rise of the far right in her country has drawn global attention.

Following the far-right gains in Germany’s 2019 state elections and the ensuing serious political mayhem within Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Party over the issue of immigration last year, the chancellor had thus far remained silent.

However, once again she has risen to counter far-right extremism in the country.  

Also, recently, Merkel drew the ire of German ultranationalists after she paid an unexpected visit to an Iranian owner of a restaurant in eastern Germany’s where the expat was mugged by far-right extremists.

Apparently, Merkel, who lost ground to the far right over her advocacy of immigration policy last year, is not prepared to cave in to far-right demands and deems her battle against them as her national duty.

She branded the economic weakness in former East Germany as the foundation for radical right views and political excuse for them to seek power.

This is while ultra-right tendencies in Germany have been fueled and encouraged by US President Donald Trump’s populism, a fact that has now turned into a serious threat against Germany’s national security and unification of the country’s east and west.

*Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian journalist.




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