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Iran downplays US account of Daesh leader’s death
Iran downplays US account of Daesh leader’s death
Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed the fuss over the purported killing of the ringleader of the Daesh terrorist group as part of the US president’s attempts for re-election, saying the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would not put an end to the group and its ideology.

“The Americans themselves have claimed and even confessed to having created Daesh and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They [terrorists] have an expiration date; whenever they are expired, they are destroyed [by the US],” Foreign Ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said in an interview with IRIB on Monday.

“Daesh was eliminated by the youth of the [axis of] resistance. The nations and governments of Syria and Iraq, with logistic support from Iran and the pious people of the region, destroyed [Daesh] with their resistance. But Daeshism, terrorist ideology, extremism and sectarianism still persist and have always been among the instruments used by countries like the US,” the spokesman added.

“We do not consider the killing of Baghdadi as an end to terrorism and Daesh. Although we defeated Daesh with the [help of] regional governments and nations, we warn that the ideology is still alive, and their remnants may be reorganized by the Americans and carry out destructive operations in the region,” Mousavi added.

It is not surprising or strange that the US has raised such hullabaloo over the operation against Baghdadi, he added, describing the move as a Trump card being played ahead of the US presidential election for domestic consumption.

US President Donald Trump announced on Sunday that Baghdadi died during a “dangerous and daring” nighttime operation in Syria.

However, deputy spokesman for the UN secretary general said the world body cannot verify the accuracy of the United States’ claim.

“We’ve taken note of the announcement by the president of the United States on the death of Abu Bakr al‑Baghdadi, the leader of the UN‑designated terrorist group Daesh,” Farhan Haq said in a press briefing Monday.

However, he said the UN “cannot personally verify the accuracy of this.”

“We trust the reliability of the various sources of information that have been speaking up, but, obviously, any sort of information would need to be verified by the various authorities on the ground,” he noted.

US officials have said the body of Baghdadi was buried at sea, as fresh details surfaced about the US Special Forces operation that led to his death over the weekend.

Syrian Kurds claimed to be a key source of the intelligence that led Americans to Baghdadi after years of tracking the man behind a five-year reign of terror across much of Iraq and Syria.

And a US military dog became an unlikely hero of the raid, incurring injuries as it chased Baghdadi down a dead-end tunnel underneath his northwestern Syria hideout, where the terrorist blew himself and his three children up with a suicide vest.

“His death marks a devastating blow to the remnants of (Daesh),” said Defense Secretary Mark Esper.



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