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Three quarters of dementia patients in Britain suffer from other major health issues
Three quarters of dementia patients in Britain suffer from other major health issues
Three quarters of those living with dementia also suffer from other debilitating health conditions, an official report reveals.

Analysis by Public Health England lays bare the huge challenge facing the country’s broken social care system.

More than 850,000 patients in Britain have dementia and the new research suggests 77 percent of these — roughly 654,000 — are also coping with health problems such as heart disease or the aftermath of a stroke, or conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or mental illness, reported.

Many have three or more health conditions — making providing care for them more and more difficult.

Anyone with more than £23,250 in savings — including the value of their home — is ineligible for state-funded social care.

This means many families have to sell their loved one’s home in order to pay for care.

The Daily Mail is campaigning to end this scandal —particularly for people with dementia, who make up two-thirds of those in care.

Public Health England’s report marks the first time it has attempted to calculate the true scale of the impact of dementia by assessing patients’ other major health problems, or ‘co-morbidities’.

Officials assessed ten specific conditions which those with dementia commonly live with — or which have a known association with dementia. 

The authors found those with dementia are twice as likely as other people of the same age to have suffered a stroke or have epilepsy, severe mental illness or depression. 

They are nearly twice as likely to have three or more other specific health conditions than the rest of the population, and four times more likely to have five other specific health conditions.

Officials also warned that many with dementia have had these other conditions missed by doctors. 

Julia Verne, head of clinical epidemiology at Public Health England, said: “People with dementia are more vulnerable to other health conditions, especially as they get older.

“They may have unmet needs that could, if left unchecked, lead to preventable health outcomes such as emergency hospital admissions.”

It is feared that the number of people living with dementia in the UK could rise from 850,000 to more than a million by 2021.

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