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Iran-Hollywood production ‘1st Born’ to hit US silver screens
Iran-Hollywood production ‘1st Born’ to hit US silver screens
The comedy, ‘1st Born’, directed by Ali Atshani, a joint feature film co-production between Iran and Hollywood, will be screened across the US from December 3.

‘1st Born,’ which is the first collaboration between Iranian cinema and Hollywood, enjoys a cast and crew from both the US and Iran. It was previously screened in the UK and will soon hit theaters in India, Norway and Turkey, wrote.

The film is about a newlywed couple, Iranian-born Ben and his American wife Kate, who are living in California. When the couple’s first pregnancy faces complications, both sides of the family must come together — a rather complicated notion as Ben’s father Hamid is an anti-American Iranian politician, while Kate’s father Biden (Kilmer) is an American politician who takes a hard-line stance against Iran.

American actor Tom Berenger, better known for his roles in ‘Platoon’ and ‘Inception’, appears as US President Donald Trump in the film.

Other renowned Hollywood actors in ‘1st Born’ include Val Kilmer, William Baldwin, Robert Knepper, Greg Grunberg and Taylor Cole.

The film was among the features displayed at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in France.

Hollywood-based LA Independent Film and Entertainment produced ‘1st Born,’ with Sam Khoze leading the team, which includes producer Edwin Avaness and associate producer Pourya Nasserbakht.



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