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Iran's three-month red meat production over 80,000 tons
Iran's three-month red meat production over 80,000 tons
A total of 81,400 tons of red meat were produced in Iran’s officially registered slaughterhouses during the third quarter of the current Iranian year (September 23-December 21, 2019), registering a three-percent decline compared with the corresponding period the previous year, but a 5.7 percent increase over the preceding quarter (June 22-September 22, 2019), the Statistical Center of Iran reported.

Beef accounted for the lion’s share of the output with 43,200 tons, accounting for 53.1 percent of Q3 red meat production, followed by lamb with 29,400 tons (36.1 percent), goat meat with 6,600 tons (8.1 percent) and meat from other livestock with 2,300 tons (2.7 percent), IRNA reported.

The top 10 red meat producing provinces in Iran are Khorasan Razavi, Fars, East Azarbaijan, Mazandaran, West Azarbaijan, Isfahan, Khuzestan, Tehran, Ardebil and Hamedan.

Imports are made from the Commonwealth of Independent States as well as Brazil and Australia.

According to Karamali Qandali, the head of Nomadic Affairs Organization, Iranian nomads supply 25 percent of the country's demand for red meat.

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