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UK MPs to back vote for Palestine recognition
UK MPs to back vote for Palestine recognition
British lawmakers have expressed optimism about the passage of an upcoming motion in the parliament that would call on the UK government to unilaterally recognize the state of Palestine.

MPs on both sides of the hot issue believe that the historic resolution, due to be debated on Monday, will win a legislative approval after Labor Party leader Ed Miliband instructed affiliated lawmakers to back it, Press TV said.

The motion reportedly enjoys the backing of most Liberal Democrat MPs and even a number of Tory lawmakers.

This is while government ministers are widely expected to abstain on the vote.

The motion, which is to be deliberated as part of backbench business, was submitted to the legislative house by Labor Party MP Grahame Morris, who insisted that it was “time to shout out loud that this should be done.”

“Not only is statehood the inalienable right of the Palestinian people, but recognizing Palestine will breathe new life into a peace process that is at an impasse,” he said.

A vote for the motion on the recognition of Palestine would merely serve as a symbolic gesture and will not bind London to act on it.

The effort, however, is widely expected to have major international implications. 

Meanwhile, according to reports, a senior Israeli cabinet member has directly lobbied senior Labor Party officials not to support the legislative move.

This is while Labor’s backing for the move to recognize Palestine has raised fears in the Israeli regime since a future Labor administration may eventually recognize Palestine.

Last week, Sweden became the first EU member to declare its intention to formally recognize the state of Palestine, triggering the outrage of the Israeli regime, which summoned the Swedish ambassador to protest the move.

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