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Iran eyes Germany as top trading partner
Iran eyes Germany as top trading partner
Germany can once again become Iran's top trading partner, Iran's Ambassador to Germany Ali Majedi said here Thursday.

Addressing the Berlin-based business group Berliner Wirtschaftsgespraeche, Majedi stressed his main objective was to not only boost bilateral trade but to make Germany into a leading economic partner of Iran.
When I was Iran's ambassador in Japan (2000-2004) that country became Iran's top trading partner and now I want to do the same thing with Germany, Majedi reiterated.
It won't be easy because unlike Japan, there are no major energy ties between Germany and Iran but it is doable, he noted.
Majedi pointed out that in 2005 bilateral trade between Germany and Iran stood at around six billion euros. He said while there had been a major increase in the current bilateral trade volume over the past 10 months as a result of a partial lifting of the western embargo against Tehran's nuclear program, it still was not even close to the pre-sanction era.
German-Iranian trade volume is around 2.1 billion euros right now but we have the capacity to reach six billion euros again, according to Majedi.
He called for greater bilateral trade cooperation in the automotive and medical sector.
Majedi urged also German banks and financial institutions to cooperate better with the Iranian side.
Meanwhile, Iran's top diplomat in Berlin expressed confidence that an agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue could be reached in the near future.
German exports to Iran rose substantially during the first six months of this year, according to recent figures released by the European Union statistical office and the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce.
Germany exported more than 1,244 billion Euros to Iran during the first half of this year, up nearly 35 percent from the corresponding period in 2013.
German exports to Iran are slowly reaching the pre-sanction level of 2011, when some 1,501 billion Euros worth of German goods were exported to the Islamic Republic.
Meanwhile, Germany heads also the list of EU exports to Iran, as a total of 2.99 billion euros of goods were exported by the 27 EU states during the first two quarters of last year, up 10.5 percent.

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