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Japan slaughters 4,000 chickens to restrain bird flu
Japan slaughters 4,000 chickens to restrain bird flu
Some 4,000 chickens have been slaughtered at a farm in southwestern Japan following the detection of the bird flu virus in the country’s top poultry producing region, local media reported.


The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture announced that the birds were slaughtered early Tuesday at a farm in the city of Nobeoka in Miyazaki Prefecture, Press TV reported.

Earlier, the owner of the farm had reported more than 20 sudden deaths among his poultry, following which DNA tests were carried out, confirming the H5 strain of the virus in three of the cases.

Officials sealed the affected farm and the nearby farms. They also restricted the movements of livestock, while the areas are being disinfected.

The discovery is believed to be Japan’s first confirmed outbreak since April, when 110,000 chickens were culled in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The recent outbreaks have also affected Britain, Germany, Egypt, Canada, and the Netherlands.

The H5N1 strain has killed more than 400 people, mainly in Southeast Asia, since 2003. Another strain, H7N9, has claimed more than 170 lives since emerging in 2013.

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