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Two US cops shot, injured in West Virginia
Two US cops shot, injured in West Virginia
Two US police officers have been shot and injured after the driver of a stolen truck fired a handgun at them during a traffic stop that led to the discovery of two bodies.

According to Press TV, the attack occurred in West Virginia on Thursday when the officers pulled over a white Chevrolet SUV after learning it had been reported stolen, according to state police Lt. Michael Baylous.

While the officers were conducting the traffic stop, a red Chevrolet truck pulled alongside them and the driver "pulled a handgun and shot at both officers," Baylous said.

The drivers have not been named, but they said that they were father and son. Both of them, one of whom was wounded in return fire, were arrested “for malicious assault and attempted murder of a police officer."

Police found two "recently deceased bodies" hidden under a mattress in the red truck allegedly being driven by dad.

"It is believed that the victims are from North Carolina," Baylous said.

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